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Adobe InDesign Level 2 (Digital Content)

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Adobe InDesign Level 2 (Digital Content)

Suitable for versions CC / CS

Digital publications are ideal for content marketing, building a brand and capturing email addresses when potential customers download an eBook from your site. Also they are ideal for selling more interesting attractive eBooks. Digital publications are downloaded, stored and used repeatedly; they look more professional, contain interactive functionality and are more substantial than web pages or blog posts. They use rich media like videos and transitions to give your marketing materials and eBooks an edge over the competition.

Adobe InDesign is the industry standard tool for document layout and design and the best tool for creating and publishing digital publications.

This is a one-day course for those who have been traditionally outputting content from InDesign for print, or who have completed our InDesign level 1 course and want to start using the exciting options for creating richer, more lively digital publications.

On this mainly practical course, we will teach you all the exciting interactive tools that will bring your PDFs and ePubs to life and make them engaging and attractive using such tools as hyperlinks, buttons, animations, page turns, video, audio and slideshows.

Digital publications can be media-rich interactive PDFs to email or upload to your website – great for marketing and internal-communications but only best viewed on computer screens. The other commonest format is ePub; one of the most supported file types for eReaders, smart phones, tablets and computer screens. The two main ePub formats are reflowable (great for instructional books where the order of text flow and images is most important) and fixed layout (for highly-designed publications with big images where the design/layout is most important).

In addition to the practical lessons, we will also cover the otherwise-confusing issue of formats, devices and file types.

We will guide you through design considerations (different screen sizes and orientations), formatting issues, as well as eReader and smartphone file type issues.

We will also explain what the digital publishing suite and tablet applications are.


This course is aimed at people who have completed our InDesign Level 1 course or

Those with experience using InDesign already for print and who have a concise working understanding of document setup, masters, styles and layers.

Without an understanding of these topics, students will struggle to learn the more advanced subjects.

By the end of the day you will have a good overall understanding of the different options available, be able to identify the most suitable format for your organisation, and be ready to start producing digital publications with InDesign.

Basic overview of digital pubs

What is an ePub

Digital publishing formats :

The differences between ePub, smart phone, kindle format and PDF formats

Pros and cons of PDF, ePub and DPS

What is PDF

Outputting for iPad, Kindle, and other devices

InDesign workflows

Thinking digitally


Interactive tools

Types of interactive elements

Defining hyperlinks

Creating cross-references

Link to text anchors

Link to styled paragraphs

Creating a table of contents (TOC)

Working with bookmarks


Creating a multistate object / slideshow

Image sequences

Managing images in ePub

Setting metadata


Audio & video  - basics

Adding video to your eBook


Hyperlinks & buttons

Creating buttons

Creating PDF forms

Converting an object to a button


Animations - basics

Adding animation content

Basic animation settings

Playing animations

Previewing animations


Layout controls - basics

Setting page sizes


Interactive PDFs

What can they do

What are the limitations

PDF workflow

PDF navigation

Image handling

Video in PDF

Output to Adobe PDF

Output to publish online (HTML)


Reflowable / ePub 2 & HTML exporting

Understanding reflowable ePubs

Creating reading order

Preparing text

Preparing graphics

Managing document pages

Export options for reflowable ePubs

Proofing and validating ePubs

InDesign and HTML export

Preparing files for HTML export

Export options for HTML


Fixed layout / ePub 3

Understanding fixed layout ePubs

Preparing your InDesign file


Digital publishing suite

- tablet apps

What is DPS ?


Export for web content

Export as HTML


Preflighting and output

Missing fonts and files

EPub export options


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